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What safety topics are offered?

We offer a variety of safety topics, such as:


  • Personal Safety*
  • Property Safety
  • Identity Theft, Frauds, & Scams
  • Protecting Children


  • Choices and Consequences
  • Facing Adversity with Fortitude
  • Personal Safety*
  • Goals, the Starting Point to All Great Acheivement

* Personal Safety programs are customized to specific audience (e.g., college-bound students, real-estate professionals, seniors, etc.).

Is Christopher Bianez still an active sworn police officer?

Yes, Christopher has been a sworn officer with the Plano Police Department since April 1997. He works in the Crime Prevention Unit, where his full-time assignment is safety education, helping organizations protect their people and property.

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Christopher Bianez is passionate about helping individuals increase their safety for their families.
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